I Didn’t Have a Lot of Time to Find a Place for Two People

My dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and I knew that we needed to live together so that I could help care for him. We each have apartments in the city, but they are two small for both of us to live in. A real estate agent told me about www.thenewfuturacondo.com.sg and said that he thought it might be a good place to look at in person. Almost everything you need is in one building, and each condo has enough space for two people to live in with no problem.

Houses are hard to come by here, and apartments that are big enough for one family to live in at the same time is hard to come by as well. Mom died about 30 years ago, so dad has been on his own since then. I have not gotten married yet, so I’ve been on my own. We had no trouble living separately in our tiny apartments, but two people and three cats doesn’t mesh well when you don’t have enough living space. I do not want my dad going into an old folks home if I can help it, so I needed to do something quickly.

I’m a businessman, and I run my business out of my residence. So, living in a nice place means quite a bit to me. The New Futura building surpassed what I was hoping for in every way when we took a tour of the place. Dad fell in love with the swimming pool they have there. I asked him if the place feels like home, and he said it did. So, I told the real estate agent that I wanted to buy a condo there. No need to look anywhere else. Dad’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse, so I worked on packing up our two apartments and moving us into the new place I purchased.